Training and skills development

Sexual and Reproductive Health Training

In partnership with other organisations within the community (such as Restless Development, Straight Talk Foundation Uganda and Balunywa Foundation) we have trained our youth in Sexual and Reproductive Health, allowing them to become Peer Educators. As Peer Educators, they use their available resources and talents to challenge misconceptions and educate their peers on Sexual and Reproductive Health. Our rappers use hip-hop to spread their message through song, kick-boxers use the ring to sensitise people about SRH and we have a team of Peer Educators who provide information and training sessions to the community at our Youth Centre.

Our Peer Educators have also joined with other partner organisations and helped in community outreaches and through their experiences have been able to create sustainable, cheaper solutions to SRH challenges. An example of this is our Reusable Pads Program, offering affordable, sustainable and more environmentally friendly menstrual pads to needy and poor in-school and out of school girls.

Social Media Training

In our world today, social media is an incredibly powerful platform. We train our youth on how to best use social media to find opportunities, responsibly share their message and positively market themselves.

Our rappers, kick-boxers and boxers, and other youth use their large followings on social media to spread messages about sexual and reproductive health, talk about their purpose in life, and respond to social issues affecting Uganda.

Leadership and life planning training

We provide our youth with leadership and life planning skills, to empower them to successfully take control of their lives and make a positive impact in their communities, both locally and globally.

We invite inspiring leaders, such as Professor Balunwya and his team of University lecturers, to engage with and train the youth, and also organise Leadership Training Camps where our youth learn life skills around 'knowing themselves, knowing others and learning how to live with others.' We have seen how successful these camps have been in helping to empower youth with skills that help create respect, tolerance and unity.

Communication and Public Speaking Training

In Africa, youth often lack effective communication skills which limits them in their ability to share their issues and ideas with decision makers and stake holders. This is a big reason why youth have resulted to using violence, such as strikes, to have their voices heard. With an ever-increasing need for effective communication skills, we have begun training in communication and public speaking in order to empower youth to effectively communicate with people from all walks of life, in any situation.