Social Entrepreneurship


We partner with other organisations (such as Restless Development and Balloon Ventures) to bring members of +256 Youth Platform quality training opportunities in social entrepreneurship. Our youth are able to not only receive the training and skill development, but also create lasting and supportive friendships. These friendships allow the youth to share their life experiences with others that are often from different cultures, and gain a new perspective on both personal and community development. By providing training in Social Entrepreneurship, our youth are gaining the skills and passion in creating businesses that not only support them and their families, but also target community challenges and contribution to the solution.


Our carpentry project aims to provide training and skills development in carpentry, in order to promote vocational skills and increase employability. By providing these skills and increasing employability of youth, we are helping to reduce the issues of dependency and improving the standards of living for young people and their families.

Interlocking Brick Making 

Our Interlocking Brick Making project also aims to provide training and skills development in order to create employment opportunities; income source and entrepreneurship amongst the youth (more information coming soon)