Boxing and Kickboxing


Our Kick-boxing and Boxing program was born out of a need in our community to empower youth to use their energy in a productive and constructive way - in a way that contributes to the development of our community and promotes peace - instead of in a destructive way, resulting in street fighting and crime.

This program not only trains the members in the skills and techniques of professional fighting, but the youth are also mentored in other aspects of their lives, by successful and inspiring individuals.

We have been able to successfully get youth out of street fighting and on a path to professional fighting, with one member now representing the region on the national kick-boxing team. He is now travelling the world competing and advocating for a peaceful and non-violent Uganda.

The members of our Boxing and Kickboxing teams also use their platform to educate other youth on ending violence against women and girls, discipline and respect, and SRHR issues.


A tournament held at +256 Youth Centre with boxing teams from surrounding districts, attended by the community