Enjoying Christmas together a family .Leaving together, sharing and caring for each other is the source of peace and security. We love our family of +256. Thanks for being part of us.
Cancer is one of the diseases that is mostly taking away people lives and making others to live painful life in Uganda and the rest of the world. It can be prevented but on a small scale but it can be treated to some extent. On that note therefore, Rotary Uganda has organised a cancer run on 28/08/2016 in different districts to fundraise for cancer machine and it's only one to the day. This therefore serves to remind you not to miss this run cause this is the only you can help. For Iganga District we are starting from the district headquarters at 8am.
When we said that we are going to use HIP HOP to reach young people with sexual and reproductive health information to enable them to make right choices and decisions, many people didn't believe it. Here is a video to understand what we meant. Thanks to Reach A Hand Uganda and Balunywa Foundation that we are working with to transform communities and young people especially.