+256 Youth Centre


Although Iganga district has a very high population, with the vast majority being youth, the local authorities have completely failed to plan for them. There are very few youth-friendly services or places for youth to go, so instead they spend their time idling around town, which has greatly contributed to youth involvement in illegal acts and school drop out. 

+256 Youth Platform's primary objective was to construct a youth centre to act as home for the youth, with youth friendly services and projects to address the issue facing the young people in the district. 

The centre has projects that aim at empowering youth with skills in different sectors through trainings and youth participatory approaches. 

The Gym

The gym was built to improve on the health and fitness of the youth and local community. Due to the number of youth having health related diseases, building a community gym was necessary to help reduce on these problems. It has also allowed us to create a Boxing and Kickboxing club, where our youth are professionally trained (read more here)

The Library 

As part of +256 Youth Platform's operational Youth Centre, we have built the only community library in Iganga district. The library not only provides books and literature, but more importantly, it is a place for young people to come and spend their time productively - studying; working on business ideas and building community.  The library also contains a questions box, where youth who have questions but do not feel able to publicly ask them are able to write their questions down and +256 YP then hold community talks to discuss these questions and provide any needed information

The Youth Parliament 

The Youth Parliament is a space that provides a place to hold meetings, gathering and trainings. Youth come together here and discuss issues that are affecting them.

The SRH Corner 

The youth centre has a designated ‘SRH corner’ which runs a project called ‘Lets Chat’ every day from 4pm-6pm. This is a space that allows youth to come and discuss any SRH related issues in a non-judgmental and open way. Each day sees around 8-15 local community members, along with +256 YP members, gather to participate in ‘Lets Chat.’ A representative of +256 YP also acts as a listening ear and makes note of any issues that are poorly discussed with misinformation/lack of information. Following this, meetings are held on Saturday’s to concentrate on these topics. At the end of each ‘Lets Chat’ session, the hip hop members perform raps on the themes that were covered which are recorded and posted to social media. 

The Reusable Pad Fabrication Room

Our Resusable Pad Fabricaion Room is used to train both girls and boys in the skills and knowledge of menstrual hygiene management and how to make reusable pads, in order to tackle the persistent issue of stigma, school drop out, teenage pregnancy and health issues caused by a lack of access to menstrual products and menstrual education.